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MEChA Calmecac

History of MEChA Calmecac

MEChA de UCLA founded MEChA CLASS as a student-initated, student-run, and student-funded organization in 1989. MEChA CLASS later changed to MEChA Calmécac in an effort to connect the project to its indigenous roots. The project draws its name from the Mexica institution of higher learning, the Calmécac. In Mexica civilization, the Calmécac was responsible for the education of the community through knowledge and spirituality.


In keeping with indigenous philosophy, MEChA Calmécac offers comprehensive academic support services to all students in order to address a wide variety of academic, personal, financial, and social needs. We also help foster leadership growth, build a sense of community, and help develop critical thinkers in an effort to take our resources back to our communities. We encourage a proactive approach to education in different ways, including, but not limited to, dictating curricula, talking to and challenging professors and applying our courses to everyday life.

Calmecac is currently a Latinx and Chicanx Holistic Retention program that uses trauma-informed pedagogy to guide and help student's experiences in accordance to their intersecting identities. 


Currently, Calmecac offers four different components. Telpochcalli which focuses on academic peer counseling in efforts of retaining Latinx and Chicanx students at UCLA. Calpulli which is a men/fem/them/thorship program. Centro Coatlicue which focuses on gender and sexuality counseling that incorporates holistic wellness practices. Coatequitl which is a quarterly internship, which is allow students to engage in their communities while also furthering their own professional developments. 


For more information visit their instagram page @mecha_calmecac and website to book a session!

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