Latinx Admit Weekend is a welcome event held every year for newly admitted self identified Chicana(o)/ Latina(o) high school students. MEChA de UCLA began Raza Day in 1999 in order to make raza students feel more comfortable and create a community feel before the students decide to commit to attend UCLA. We realize that many times, raza students are first generation college students, aren't aware of all the resources available to them, and have many questions. The purpose of Raza Day is to have current UCLA students answer all their questions and serve as a resource to orient students in the UCLA environment. We want to welcome new students with students who look like them, come from similar communities and backgrounds and understand what it feels like to leave home and attend UCLA. Raza Day is full of activities, workshops, resources, and a tour where students are able to imagine themselves attending UCLA. We also realize that many times being a first generation college student means that parents and maybe the whole family has many questions and that is why  Raza Day invites the students and all the family they want to bring.  Raza Day begins Friday morning and is an optional overnight program where students are given the opportunity to spend the night at a dorm with a current UCLA student. Saturday follows with the attendance of UCLA's open house Bruin Day and concludes Saturday night. 

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Raza Day Admit Weekend


April 10th - 12th