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Our conference aims to provide future generations throughout California with information on the college application process as well as expose them to a variety of immersive academic, cultural, and political workshops in a bilingual environment. In addition to students, we aim to provide parents/guardians with this information so that they may better assist their children in their academic endeavors. The main objective of the YEC is to inspire our attendees to reach their fullest potential as academics, but most importantly as holistic individuals. We aim to educate students who attend on their diverse Latinx/Chicanx culture and help them realize the importance of pursuing higher education. We want students to become self-advocates and empower themselves by gaining knowledge on how to achieve a higher education, because in our experience, self-identified Latinx/Chicanx students often lack access to this type of crucial information at their respective schools. Ultimately, we hope to encourage under-represented youth to reach their highest potential in whatever it is that interests them so that they may become productive individuals, give back to their communities, and ideally, become leaders of those communities in need.

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