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MEChA de UCLA Yolotzonyo translates to “Heart Rooted in the Community,” which is the foundation of our mission.

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        Yolotzonyo is MEChA’s youth empowerment project that works with underrepresented youth from the greater Los Angeles area. This project seeks to catalyze a collective of high school students to become agents of change in their schools and in their greater communities. We are fully committed to continue our mission of helping community scholars cultivate the tools to be critical of their education and community conditions. Our project places a focus on servicing non-traditional students that have been placed in alternative education programs as a result of being pushed out of the educational system. There are four different collectives that everyone will be placed in based on interests. 

Food Collective:


Making decisions over what food we bring to site, as well as build curriculum  on food nutrition, food deserts, and questioning the resources that being taken from our communities 


Transportation Collective:


Making decisions over where sites are held, building curriculum to acknowledge and teach about the different lands we are on and visit, being very intention with where we go and why. 



Center for contacting youth and their institutions for site, help connect with more high schools, create better relationships with teachers, admin and families. 



Big Homie and Little Homie:

We are hoping to create a system where a UCLA student gets paired with a high school student in order to foster community and mentorship. This collective will build curriculum to make community healing, and talking circles, and activities for the homies to bond and have fun. 

If you have any questions or want to get in contact with the coordinators of this project, please email: 

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